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Transfer money from Solitaire Forex to anywhere in World, at any time! Solitaire Forex transmit you the convenience of transferring money from your place of residence to any Bank account across the country. Solitaire Forex enables domestic money transfer through a very safe channel to almost all Countries. The founding ethics of Solitaire Forex is to give worth, ease, clear and safety to its customers. Forward your hard earned money through our channels in minutes.

Under our Money Transfer we offer quick & immediate encashment of money from abroad at any where Any person/organization who wishes to make a payment (in foreign currency) to an individual in the world use our services. Presently, you can make a remittance in 9 currencies, viz, U.S Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Singapore Dollars, Pound Sterling, Euro, Japanese Yen, Arab Emirates Dirhams, Australian Dollars and Hong Kong Dollars. The remittance will be delivered to your beneficiary's account or doorstep. Transfer money in a foreign country with the best exchange rates! Money Transfer services allow users to send and receive money globally without the need of opening a bank account. Money transfer locations are widely spread in most countries. Quick, safe, reliable, legal & convenient way of receiving money through channel also possible. The remittance scheme conforms to the rules & regulation framed by Reserve Bank of India under Money Transfer Scheme.

Safe and simple online money transfer service

Confirmed exchange rate with Fixed Rupee transfer facility

Anytime, anywhere access possible

Reserve Bank of India approved payment system

It's safer to carry than cash

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